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17 January, 2013

Transformation Time - Part 3 - The Best Part

The day has come! The day that the painting transformation FINALLY reaches the front of the house!

So it goes from this...

To this!


But let's back up a bit for all of the gory details, shall we?

First off was grinding the peeling paint off the front of the house, since it had been affected badly by the sun.

Allie and I popped our heads through the front door quickly to snap this shot, then quickly popped it shut again to escape the dust.

When they finished, the wall looked like this. Attractive, huh?

But then the real fun started. They started slapping grey paint up on those walls! I still can't get over how fast they go!

You may have also noticed a subtle difference between the top and bottom rows of pictures there. And that would be that the yellow panel on the verandah on the left disappeared. And that's because this monumental day included not only painting the front of the house, but also converting that front enclosed sleep-out into a verandah! Finally!

So, while the painters kept chugging away at making the house beautiful, railings started going up on the new verandah...

And in what felt like no time at all, they turned into a new balustrade!

I could hardly contain my happiness. This is what I've been imagining the house would look like for two years!

The little details are there... the black window sills and the crisp white trim around the little stained glass window...

The spot between the front door and the stained glass window has now been opened up with a balustrade as well...

And even if the new railings and "frilly bits" weren't pained white yet, it wasn't hard to imagine them that way!

Thankfully I didn't have to wait too long for them to undergo the paint transformation as well.

Although we did hit a small snag. When the painters were sanding back the little corner details under the bay window's roof (which I'm calling corbels) the one on the right corner just fell away. It was rotted through.


I gave it a good shot trying to find a matching replacement at demolition yards, but without success. So, my good old carpenter (who thankfully had long legs and wasn't afraid of heights) snapped into action and whipped one up for me. I was impressed.

And once it was all painted and gap-sealed, you'd never know it wasn't decades old like all the rest!

I'm a little disappointed that Allie isn't as excited about the transformation as I am.

But I'm thrilled enough for the both of us. Doesn't it look AMAZING????

And how about the proverbial trip down memory lane?


I can't believe this is my house!

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